Is This Vintage Dress Worth It?

So, you’ve found a vintage wedding dress. You think this is it. It’s a color that fits you perfectly, and you love the style. That said, it’s not exactly custom made for you; you know there’s going to need to be some alterations. So what’s the deal? Is the dress worth it? What kind of

17 Jul 2015

How to know if it’s the vintage dress for you

You’ve found a dress that you love. It’s unique, vintage, and most importantly, in your price range. But there are some aspects you don’t love, as well… how can you tell if any of them should be a deal breaker?  With this guide, we will help you realize what can and can’t be fixed. The

15 Jul 2015

Dress Shapes by Decade

Many people wear boring, modern wedding dresses all the time. Talk about blah. Vintage wedding dresses are all the rage now, and on the cutting edge of fashion. To help you decide if you want to join the elite crew wearing vintage wedding dresses, we have put together a primer on the different decades, and

09 Jul 2015

Benefits of Vintage Wedding Dresses

There are many benefits of wearing vintage wedding dresses, besides the knowledge that you’re on the cutting edge of fashion. More people are wearing vintage wedding dresses than ever these days, and it’s no surprise to us. In this article, we will detail a few of those beneficial properties. The first of the benefits is

04 Jul 2015

Why Choose a Vintage Dress?

As everyone who knows anything about fashion is aware, vintage is very much back in style. It has been for a little bit now, but still doesn’t seem to have hit the peak of its trendiness. So, you want take part in the grand throwback sweeping the nation, but don’t want to be just following

02 Jul 2015