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Benefits of Vintage Wedding Dresses

There are many benefits of wearing vintage wedding dresses, besides the knowledge that you’re on the cutting edge of fashion. More people are wearing vintage wedding dresses than ever these days, and it’s no surprise to us. In this article, we will detail a few of those beneficial properties.

The first of the benefits is again, that you’ll be on the cutting edge of fashion. Vintage wedding dresses don’t necessarily have to be white. In fact, all things considered, the idea of wearing white wedding dresses is very modern. It started in 1840, at the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. The Queen wanted to communicate the idea that reign would be frugal; thus, she avoided pricey dyes and went with a white dress. Prior to that, most weddings saw a dress of deep greens, reds, purple and black. If you do decide to go with white, be sure to consider your natural coloring; aka your hair and skin tones. Stark white works best with dark skin and dark hair, while a more gentle ivory works with red hair and fair skin. For a more all around look, it’s hard to go wrong with a champagne color or a very warm cream colored wedding dress.

Another benefit is the sizing. While some dresses are on the small side, they can be found in all sizes. Certain eras used more forgiving materials. In the 30s, they were “cut on the bias”, which allows for more stretch and movement in the material. By the 50s, dresses were more often mass produced, and thus made in more sizes. If you find a dress that is near your size, you can contact a knowledgeable seamstress to see if it can be let out.

The final benefit is that you can do a lot of shopping in varied places. Instead of only going to bridal stores, you can check alternate venues. For example, you might find a beautiful dress in a vintage shop. You can also check websites like Etsy to see what they have, which is usually dresses in a shapes, sizes and price ranges. If you’re shopping online, make sure you know your measurements!