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Is This Vintage Dress Worth It?

So, you’ve found a vintage wedding dress. You think this is it. It’s a color that fits you perfectly, and you love the style. That said, it’s not exactly custom made for you; you know there’s going to need to be some alterations. So what’s the deal? Is the dress worth it? What kind of time and money are you supposed to budget for this sort of thing? In this quick guide, we hope to help you learn exactly where to draw the line.

So, the dress needs alterations. Should you keep looking? Or should you just commit, and pay the price to get the alterations made? Well, that all depends. First, you need to look at the price of the dress. If it is good enough of a deal, heck yeah you should! Getting a good price on the dress is paramount. If you are already shelling out a bunch of money on a dress that will need even more of an investment, thats a huge sign of it not being a solid choice. Next you need to know, at least in an estimate, of what the tailor or seamstress will charge. Finally, you need to know, most importantly, how much you love the dress! Most dresses can be made smaller, and some can even be made larger. If there’s a seam allowance or some extra fabric, you can probably get it fixed. So, the tipping point for if it’s worth it is all personal. If it’s a one of a kind of dress, totally unique, and you just need to make some alterations, then go for it! Especially if you can wear the dress again because of it being a non-traditional, vintage wedding dress.

So, how much should you budget for this? The price will depend on the type of alteration and the fabric of the dress, as well as from tailor to tailor. If you’re a vintage dresser, then you probably already know a tailor. A few tweaks should not prevent you from wearing the dress you love.