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Why Choose a Vintage Dress?

As everyone who knows anything about fashion is aware, vintage is very much back in style. It has been for a little bit now, but still doesn’t seem to have hit the peak of its trendiness. So, you want take part in the grand throwback sweeping the nation, but don’t want to be just following the crowd? Well, worry no more my concerned consumer, because there might actually be advantages to wearing a vintage wedding dress. We’re here to help you navigate these advantages!

The first advantage is the quality of the construction. Particularly in dresses made before the 50’s, these were made with much more care and attention to detail. This is partially because of the lack of technology meaning that they weren’t just rushed out the door, but in addition to this, the dressmakers just took more pride in their world.

There were also more styles from which to choose. Without the super famous designers, there was no theme running through the dresses the way there is now. Each dress was unique, and this is something sorely lacking from modern dresses.

To this point, the overall uniqueness of the dresses is an advantage in and of itself. No more wearing the same designer as everyone else getting wed that month; instead, you get to have your own designer, who took incredible care to make their work special.

Finally, another advantage is the price point. While some people might have unrealistic expectations when selling a vintage dress and try to charge too much, many people will be willing to part with a vintage dress for a much lower price than a brand spanking new dress, particularly one made by a famous designer. So, you can save money on the dress, and spend it on the reception, or even the honeymoon!